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Information page

The information page is meant as a guide to explain the usage of placing orders with Ziegler Bolt & Parts Co.



New Customer 
Please contact Ziegler Bolt at 1-800-362-0628 to setup an online business user account.

Signing In 
You have to sign in before you can place an order. If you are not already a customer of Ziegler Bolt, please see the 'New Customer' section. Signing in is done by entering user id and password. You can browse our catalog without being signed in.


Your Account

Your Account Information 
We handle all information that you enter as confidential information. We never sell or give out any data that you provide. Information that you enter is only used by us to identify you as a customer of Ziegler Bolt and for making your experience with Ziegler Bolt better.

Credit Application Information 
If you would like to apply for an open account with Ziegler Bolt, please click here and print a copy of our credit application. Fax completed application to the Accounts Receivable department for consideration at 1-330-639-4387.